Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most commonly asked questions on the path to the Chocolate Life. If there’s something we missed, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Proven Business Model. Our streamlined setup will help you startup with confidence and minimize your investment. Our performance history (Item 19) is available in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). LEARN  MORE

Between 900 and 1,600 square feet with adequate parking and foot traffic. We have specific site criteria which
will help you evaluate real estate that would be a good fit for your Top This Chocolate location. LEARN MORE

No! The process is simple. We have equipment that does most of the work! You can take an online chocolate
class and then we will train you on our specific procedures. INQUIRE TODAY

No! We can teach you everything you need to know about how to create our custom chocolates. Chocologists
may need to obtain certain food handling permits based on your local requirements. These are usually simple to obtain.

You should be able to open in 9 to 15 months, but this can depend on how quickly you identify your real estate
site and complete our pre-opening steps. INQUIRE TODAY

Yes, we want our owners to be actively involved. Some may hire managers and assistant managers to open the
store or close up at the end of the day while managing the Chocologists. Franchise owners can then focus on marketing
and business development to set and achieve goals. LEARN MORE

Yes. We believe some owners will operate multiple stores. We offer a 50% franchise fee discount on additional
stores you are approved to open in the future. INQUIRE TODAY

Typically between 2 and 4 employees depending on day of week and your sales volume. LEARN MORE

That is up to you!! We will be able to share our Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19 in our
Franchise Disclosure Document, which will highlight affiliate performance and history. This can be a useful tool to help
you evaluate the revenue potential for your Top This Chocolate business. INQUIRE TODAY

That is up to you as well. It’s tough to be surrounded by luscious flowing chocolate and tempting toppings all day long. If our Founder’s experience is any guide, you may gain 10 pleasurable pounds initially and then you will lose it as you make peace with your new environment and find your delicious balance.
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