Sweet Opportunities Available

Own Your Own Top This Chocolate Store

Top This Chocolate is the future of chocolate!

It is the world’s ONLY customizable-on-the-spot chocolate store. Excited customers can build their own chocolate bar with 50+ topping choices. 

In addition to the toppings, we offer chocolate letters for putting names on bars and more. There is something to suit every taste and everyone’s gift giving needs. 

We are now offering the opportunity for you to own a store in your town or city.

Picture the chocolate life...

Selling happiness, while bringing in revenues to earn a living.
Customers are happy to purchase and leave with smiles on their faces
Customers are happy to see you
Customers have fun exploring the options
At Top This Chocolate, customers choose dark, milk or white chocolate, add their choice of toppings - everything from pistachios to potato chips and gummy bears to marshmallows to complement our premium French style chocolate. Each custom chocolate creation is ready in eight minutes or less!


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Why own a Top This Chocolate?

Customers are bored with factory chocolate bars.
Offer them freedom in chocolate!

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